Golden Triangle! Thai Yoga Shoulders, Neck and Head Massage, Part 1 of 3

Categories: Tantra Massage | Posted on Feb 14, 2018

Golden Triangle! Thai Yoga Shoulders, Neck and Head Massage, Part 1 of 3
SomaVeda® Golden Triangle! Thai Yoga Shoulders, Neck and Head Massage with Aachan, Dr. Anthony B. James DPM, ND, MD(AM), SMOKH.

Consider this one of the most supportive and nurturing positions you can be in with your client.

Expand your ideas for practice of , Ayurveda, Yoga and Yoga therapy with an amazing SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Session Dr. J style! We call the Nuad Boran or Northern style Golden Triangle the top and back of the shoulders, the posterior neck and cervical region to the Atlas/ Occiput. The top of the triangle is the posterior and lateral cranium, crown and a Thai Style acupressure facial. Doing all this with the client sitting in the nurturing and supporting lap cradle adds to the whole experience. Natural medicine never felt so good!

Because of the many benefits we often use this as a surgery free face lift alternative.

The current SomaVeda® Thai Yoga tuition scholarship program updates the end of this month. There’s never been a better time to consider becoming a SomaVeda practitioner. Call the school at (706) 358-8646

Classes and Diploma programs from 200 to 5000 hours!

This technique is performed by SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Aachan, Dr. Anthony James of the Thai Yoga Center in Brooksville, Fl. For more information on Certification programs and training’s visit our websites at:

1) http://www.ThaiYogaCenter.Com

2) Thai Yoga Therapy Practitioner Certification Program

3) NAIC/ SCNM: Thai Yoga Center Tuition Scholarships

4) Traditional Thai Massage/ Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy Research http://www.ThaiMassage.Com

5) Ayurveda of Thailand (

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