Nurux Platinum Massage Gel – for body-on-body massage & lubricant

Categories: Tantra Massage | Posted on Jan 14, 2018

Nurux Platinum Massage Gel – for body-on-body massage & lubricant
When you open a container of Nurux Platinum Massage Gel and slide a little over your skin, a new dimension of massage becomes clear to you. With its light, smooth texture, it stimulates the skin and spreads naturally over the body.

Nurux Platinum Gel assures your total well-being, because its formula is water-based—non-greasy, no taste, no odor…and above all, never…ever sticky! The main ingredient is a type of seaweed that provides a slick texture while nourishing the skin. Nurux has been sold all over the world for a long time, yet no allergies related to use of Nurux massage gels have ever been reported by our partners or our retailers. Nurux is a natural gel consisting of seaweed and other nourishing natural ingredients, chosen for their excellent cosmetic properties in order to ensure that every moment of a Nuru massage is safe and pleasurable.

Here is a question that we are often asked: does it stain? No, it leaves no marks on the sheets once it evaporates. Another equally important question: can I use it with condoms and sex toys? Yes, it’s perfectly safe.

Call it a fantasy or a dream, when it comes to this body massage called NURU, Nurux is what you’ll use. Nurux is not just for body-on-body massages…use it as a lubricant for masturbation and penetration. In short, Nurux Platinum Gel is sure to give you the kind of sensual ecstasy that we dream about. For all your sensual activities, Nurux Gel is an essential element for reaching new heights of pleasure.

Nurux Platinum Gel is thicker, longer lasting, and slicker that Nurux Standard. Nurux Standard Gel is high in quality, but Platinum Gel is the most widely used professional formula in massage studios all over the world, and why? Because when you have high standards, you want the best.

For more information:

Brand: Nurux
No: NUPP0040 (40ml)
No: NUPP0250 (250ml)
No: NUPP1000 (1000ml)

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